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Get to Know Us

America is facing a serious problem. The Elites, the One Union Party wields control, shaping the narrative across our schools, media outlets, and social platforms. A herd mentality has been cultivated, with the media leveraging its influence to corral individuals into groups and causes with which they might not naturally align. It is this dynamic that we aim to counteract. Our mission is to join the noble pursuit of truth and the vision of a greater America. We seek to dismantle the misconceptions perpetuated by mainstream narratives. We stand to affirm that there are gay individuals who support Trump, contrary to the media's portrayal, and this truth extends to every community in America—be it Black, Asian, or Mexican and so many more. We are committed to highlighting the diversity within unity, showcasing that support for Trump transcends all demographics. Please enter with an open mind for all, we truly want everyone to be heard and help people of all diversity share their truth. 

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